Coffee Talk: Tyra Banks Files Hairy Lawsuit in Los Angeles
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

See what we’re chatting about over ice coffee:

• Yesterday, Tyra Banks filed a mega lawsuit against 10 wig companies in Los Angeles court. The former supermodel says the targeted companies are using her “name, photograph, image and identity” without her permission. She’s asking for the companies to immediately stop selling the specified products tied to her brand. She’s also seeking $10 million in damages. [TMZ]

• Lenny Kravitz says he’s been pulling a double shift. He told Ocean Drive magazine during the day he films The Hunger Games and at night he hits the studio in Atlanta to record new music. “What I love about making films is that it’s completely not about me; it’s about a director’s vision, it’s about the character, and I’m here to serve. The music was a reaction of doing that all day,” say the rockstar. “Something was brewing inside of me, so it had to come out.” [Extra TV]

• Rihanna says there is a downside to fame. In fact, she hates being watched all the time. She told Glamour, “There’s stuff like not being able to walk around as I please. I feel like I’m being watched. Always. Like, I want to tan topless somewhere, and I know I probably could never do that. Even if I’m upstairs in my bedroom, and the curtains are pulled, I feel like a paparazzo’s outside on a boat somewhere or somebody’s peeping.” [Perez Hilton]

American Idol winner Candice Glover’s debut album is being pushed back. The songstress said it’s taking a little longer than expected. “…But I have been working hard in the studio with some amazing people, and I want to get it just right for you guys!” she said. The album, Music Speaks, will hit stores in February. [Hollywood Reporter]