Coffee Talk: ‘Shameless’ Star Shanola Hampton Gives Birth to Baby Girl
Jason LaVeris/ Getty

Here’s why we’re taking our coffee with a shot of espresso this morning:

  • Shameless star Shanola Hampton, 36, welcomed her first child with husband Daren Dukes. The actress shared her excitement over her daughter, named Cai MyAnna, via Twitter on Tuesday. “I thought I knew love before, but now I know love on a completely different level!” said Hampton. “Can’t believe my baby is here! #overwhelmed #blessed.”  [Twitter]

  • Eddie Murphy is threatening to sue up and coming comedian Brando Murphy for claiming he’s Eddie’s son. A cease and desist letter addressed to Brando written by Eddie’s attorney, Marty Singer, threatens to sue him for millions if he doesn’t stop. According to the letters, Brando has changed his last name to Murphy and performed with Richard Pryor’s son in the “Sons of Comedy” tour. Brando has replied with his own letter, stating that if Eddie continues his “campaign of intimidation” as he put it, he will sue for defamation. [TMZ]

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  • In other legal news, Lil Kim has been hit with a lawsuit over allegations that she stole a photo from a make-up artist in order to promote her new single. The rapper dropped “Dead Gal Walking” in November and used an image of a red-haired model wearing skeletal make-up on Instagram. Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl saw the image, accused Kim of taking it from her social networking site and asked for compensation, Lil Kim’s people failed to pay and Ravndahl has now filed legal papers demanding a minimum of $150,000 in damages. [TMZ]

  • Tina Turner is set to release a new compilation album titled, Love Songs. The 18-track collection will not have any new or previously unreleased music but will feature favorites from the singer including “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” “I Don’t Wanna Fight” and “Private Dancer.” The album is due in stores on February 4th. [Billboard]