• Rihanna is aiming really high for her next album. Def Jam A&R exec Bu Thiam says he’s pushing RiRi to shoot for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Think she can do it? [Marquee]
  • In the July issue of Elle, Alicia Keys talks about her authenticity, saying, “My look isn’t plotted out, like, I’m going to have red hair because it’s a new record. It has to be genuine, not a branding concept.” [Elle]
  • As Gary Coleman requested, the actor’s remains were cremated yesterday, three weeks after his death. His ashes are locked up, waiting for a court to decide where they go. [CNN]
  • Apparently, Barack Obama’s Oval Office speech on the Gulf Coast oil spill went over a lot of Americans’ heads. [CNN]
  • Madame Tussauds wax museum unveiled Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. statues. They are kind of unbelievable. [MTV]
  • Mel B says she keeps her sexy figure by having sex with her husband five times a day. Sex, it does a body good. [People]
  • Here come the recalls. Campbell Soup Co. is pulling nearly 15 million pounds of canned “SpaghettOs with Meatballs.” [CNN]
  • Oprah Winfrey, Will.I.Am and the Muppets are among 30 stars who will be honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars. [AP]
  • Eating more could be the key to weight loss. Yes, it does sound suspicious, but check this out. [CNN]
  • And, just because it’s Friday and this is so cute, check out this Brazilian baby working it out to samba.

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