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Coffee Talk: President Obama's Victory Tweet Makes History

A tweet reading "Four more years" becomes the most retweeted in Twitter history.
Coffee Talk: President Obama’s Victory Tweet Makes History
Barack Obama/ Twitter

Here’s why we’re super energized this morning:

  • President Obama made history in less than 140 characters last night. According to Twitter, the president’s “four more years” tweet, featuring him embracing First Lady Michelle Obama, is now the most retweeted in the site’s history. As of this morning the tweet has more than 500, 000 retweets and counting. [The Grio]

  • Beyonce has finally joined the masses on Instagram! The superstar singer announced her arrival on the popular photo sharing app by showing her support of President Obama. In her first post she wears a “Texans for Obama” T-shirt and writes, “Hey Instagram, it’s me Bey.” [MTV]

  • The Cleveland bus driver who made headlines by punching a female passenger last month has been fired. The Greater Cleveland Transit Authority announced that evidence does not support driver Artis Hughes’ self-defense claim. The bus company is also filing charges against the female passenger, 25-year-old Shi’ Dea Lane. Read our take on the matter here. [TMZ]

  • It turns out America loves its drama Southern-fried. Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta racked up 3.2 million viewers this past Sunday making it the highest premiere in the network’s history. [EurWeb]

  • Comedians Key & Peele had a rollicking good time translating what President Obama must have really felt like after his win last night. Watch their hilarious “Obama Anger Translator Victory” skit: