Coffee Talk: Paris Jackson Leaves Hospital For Treatment Center
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See why we’re adding cream to our coffee.

•Paris Jackson has been released from the UCLA Medical Center after a month-long stay and is headed for additional help at a residential treatment center. UCLA doctors helped Jackson’s grandmother Katherine and mother Debbie Rowe decide where to place the 15-year-old. Only weeks before her release, it was reported that Jackson would be heading to the $10 million Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah after receiving medical treatment. Jackson was first admitted to the hospital after cutting her wrists and overdosing on pills in a suicide attempt on June 5. [PEOPLE]

Reverend Al Sharpton is gearing up to lead a nationwide “Justice for Trayvon” day in 100 cities this weekend to urge for federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman. “People all across the country will gather to show that we are not having a two-or three-day anger fit,” he said during a press conference outside the Justice Department on Tuesday. “This is a social movement for justice.” Supporters in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York will hold rallies and vigils outside of federal court buildings on Saturday as part of “Justice for Trayvon” day. A conference in Miami will then be held next week to create a plan to fight against Florida’s stand-your-ground law. [Huffington Post]

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