• Oprah Winfrey weighed in on BP’s Gulf Coast oil spill, saying, “The president is doing the best anybody can. I really don’t understand what people want him to do.” [CNN]
  • Oprah also gave her staff at “O” $10,000. That’s not all. Each staff member got a new engraved iPad and leather iPad cases. [Marquee]
  • In more Oprah news, Winfrey is also set to headline the Women’s Conference 2010 alongside Maria Shriver, Robert Redford, Jessica Simpson, Deepak Chopra and Laura Ling. [People]
  • There will be no funeral service for Gary Coleman, whose remains will be cremated. [AP]
  • Lenny Kravitz and Diddy are in the line-up of guest stars on an upcoming episode HBO’s “Entourage.” [EW]
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z attended a UJA Federation event that honored Julie Greenwald and Craig Kallman of Atlantic Records last night. We’re loving Bey’s dress and hairstyle — easy, breezy summer style. [Billboard]
  • There are no more iPhones left. Folks who want the iPhone 4 will have to wait until July 14 to get the new gadget. [PC World]
  • According to the FDA, Flibanserin or “female Viagra” is proving to be kind of a letdown. Bummer. [CNN]
  • A new study found that little girls who eat a lot of meat hit puberty earlier. [DM]
  • BP has agreed to a $20-billion compensation fund for victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill. President Obama has appointed “pay czar” Kenneth R. Feinberg to oversee the dough. [WashPo]
  • Another divorce attorney is suing Sheree Whitfield of “Real Housewives of ATL” for $96,190.18. [AJC]

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