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Coffee Talk: Omarosa Manigault Investigated by Michael Clarke Duncan Family

Judy Duncan believes Manigault influenced Michael to rewrite his will.
Coffee Talk: Omarosa Manigault Investigated by Michael Clarke Duncan Family
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

See what we’re chatting about over coffee:

• Omarosa Manigault is being investigated by Michael Clarke Duncan’s sister, Judy. She believes Manigault convinced him to change his will in April 2012, months before his death—leaving most of his money and possessions to Manigault. Judy also believes her brother wasn’t of sound mind when he inked the papers. She reportedly hired a lawyer to investigate the matter despite receiving $100,000 from her brother’s will. Manigault told TMZ, “I don’t control the estate or the finances and Judy knows it. If you saw all of her emails and texts to me you would see that she is just trying to get money from me…” [TMZ]

• President Obama isn’t done fundraising just yet. Obama will attend a $32,400 per couple dinner at Harvey Weinstein’s New York home on May 13. During the event, 65 guests will meet and chat with the president. The money earned will partly be used to help the president push his agenda. [NY Post]

• Robin Roberts said she was “struggling” the night before returning to the air on Good Morning America. She told Extra: “My sisters were with me, and they gave me the best advice. They said, ‘Take your hands off the wheel and let them love you.’ What you give, you receive tenfold, and I’m so grateful for that morning and every morning since.” [Extra TV]

• Roc Nation continues to expand. Last week the company announced they were jumping into the sports agency business, this week they’re announcing a record release deal with Universal Music Group. The new business partnership means that Roc Nation will operate under Universal in the future, moving away from Sony Music. “This agreement presents a unique opportunity for Roc Nation’s artists—being able to continue to operate as an independent label with the strength, power and reach of the best major,” said Jay-Z. “I look forward to a long prosperous collaboration with U.M.G. It feels good to be home.” [NY Times]