See why we’re having eggs and bacon with our dark roasted coffee:

• Nelson Mandela’s health continues to improve, according to a statement released by South African President Jacob Zuma. The former leader has made “steady progress” and is slowly beginning to re-establish his daily routine. In addition, the announcement said Mandela continues to receive “high care” in his home. Madiba, as he’s affectionately known, spent the better part of December in a South African hospital recovering from a lung infection and surgery to remove gallstones. [AP]

• Jay-Z and Beyoncé are renting a swanky nursery suite for their 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. Extra reports the couple will take over a suite at the Barclay Center for a cool $1 million a year when they are performing. The room is said to be filled with toys, TV and such. [Extra]

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• Diana Ross had a fit when she wasn’t seated at Beverly Hills’ La Scala restaurant last week. The legendary diva was reportedly waiting for her daughter to arrive when she was informed incomplete parties would not be seated. She proceeded to seat herself and was told she wouldn’t be served. La Scala owner Gigi Leon said, “I’m sorry that Miss Ross had a problem with that and she feels that the rules didn’t apply to her. Our policy is that we don’t sit incomplete parties. If people jump the line, our policy is we don’t serve them, and she was told that.” [NY Post]

• A number of African-American community leaders, including Project Islamic Hope’s Najee Ali, are boycotting the release and sale of several Django Unchained action figures. “Selling slaves as actions figures is a slap in the face of our ancestors,” said Ali. “Tarantino and Weinstein didn’t have action figures for their movie Inglorious Bastards because they know the Jewish community would never allow it and the African-American community shouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect our ancestors.” [EURweb]