Coffee Talk: Kelly Price Announces ‘R&B Divas’ Tour
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See why we’re adding extra sugar to our brew:

• Both the Atlanta and the Los Angeles casts of R&B Divas are joining forces for one mega tour. Kelly Price confirmed the news to “Faith Evans, myself, Brownstone, Dawn Robinson, KeKe Wyatt and Chante Moore! And I know that it raises questions but, you know, again I will make this statement. People are trying to make a television show,” said Price. “If there was a danger of anything happening to Chante More being in the same intimate space with me, we would not be going on the road together. And Miss Moore did agree to come on this tour.” No tour dates have been announced. []

• President Barack Obama says First Lady Michelle doesn’t think the United States should engage in a military strike against Syria. Obama told both PBS and NBC, “My own family members… they’re very wary and suspicious… If you ask Michelle, ‘Do we——do we want to be involved in another war?’ The answer is no.” Last night, Obama addressed the nation about the situation and hinted that diplomacy may be the better option, should Syria cooperate. [Huffington Post]

• Daytime-TV king Steve Harvey surprised some 654 men and women over the weekend. Harvey led everyone to believe they would be participating in a dating symposium, when it actually turned out to be the world’s largest first date declared by the Guinness Book of World Records. All the action was captured for his upcoming season, which begins next week. [Grio]

• The latest and greatest in DVD releases is out and this spring’s cute romantic comedy Peeples is among them! The film, written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism, stars Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier and more. It’s currently available for purchase and download.

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