Coffee Talk: Date Set for President Obama’s State of the Union Speech
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See why we’re having a plain black coffee today:

• President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union speech on February 12. House Speaker John Boehner sent a letter out on Friday inviting the president to speak and explained the country faces many challenges ahead. However, Boehner said these challenges will be overcome with a “willingness to seek common ground as well as presidential leadership.” [Assoicated Press]

• Outkast members Big Boi and Andre 3000 have reunited (sorta) on a remix of Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter.” The song, lifted from Ocean’s Channel Orange album, originally featured Andre 3000, and Big Boi recently added his own verse to it. Ocean intended to have both members for his album, but the group refused to release a new Outkast song on another artist’s album. [Rolling Stone]

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• Mike Tyson will appear in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Law and Order: SVU. The former boxing champion will play Reggie Rhodes, a murderer on death row. Tyson’s no stranger to acting—he’s garnered much attention from his recent one-man Broadway show and his appearances in The Hangover. [Grio]

• Actor Gary Dourdan says he filed bankruptcy because his residual checks from CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation have dwindled. His character, Warrick Brown, was killed off in 2008 and since then his finances have crumbled. Dourdan has defaulted on two mortgages but is looking to rebuild his career in 2013. [TMZ]