Tracy Wilson Mourning may be married to a basketball player — her husband is the handsome Alonzo Mourning, or Zo for short — but her fashion sense is far from your typical over-the-top athlete’s wife, in head-to-toe in flashy designers. Mourning’s style ethos has always been comfort comes first and that’s what keeps her standing out from the crowd. The founder of Honey Shine Mentoring Program and Honey Child lifestyle brand isn’t too keen on being overdressed or looking like she’s trying too hard. In fact, Mourning revealed to us that that if she had to select one garment that best represents her personality and style, it would be the timeless T-shirt. What draws us to Mourning’s laid-back way of dressing is her ability to make classic staples like Ts, wrap sweaters and shorts look modern, fresh and chic by playing with eclectic accessories. No matter what she has on, Mourning never lets her clothes wear her. “My style icons carry themselves comfortably and confidently in their own skin, no matter what they are wearing,” revealed Mourning to We got the chance to chat with the Howard University graduate about her laissez-faire style, her aversion to full-on animal print and the one bag she loves but can’t imagine paying for. How would you describe your style? TRACY WILSON MOURNING: My style represents comfort whether I’m dressed casual or formal. I have always preferred to be underdressed rather than overdressed. There was a time, and still occasionally, where I choose to be cute over being comfortable, especially when it comes to shoes. Those days are now few and far in between. What is one clothing item that best represents you? MOURNING: A simple tee best reflects my laid back personality. Who are your style icons? MOURNING: My style icons carry themselves comfortably and confidently in their own skin, no matter what they are wearing. How big is your closet? MOURNING: Over the years, I have had different size closets but it seems that no matter the size, the space is never big enough. Who are your favorite designers and why? MOURNING: I often buy what I like without much concern for who designed the piece or at what store I happen to be shopping at. I do love Oscar de la Renta because his designs reflect his admiration for women. Tracy Reese is also a favorite. I like her style. She is a great example of a woman following her passion and I love that. What do you wear on a usual day to work and then evening? MOURNING: I work from home in addition to working with young girls in the community who are enrolled in my mentoring program, Honey Shine. For me, my work wear must reflect comfort and flexibility. Everything from a sundress to a T-shirt and cut-off shorts work, including the pair of flip-flops I always have nearby. For an evening out, I will polish up with a pair of heels or a great dress. What will you never be caught dead in? MOURNING: I would never be caught in all-over animal print, dead or alive. What are some of your latest purchases? MOURNING: My latest purchases include my bracelets from Turchin for my husband, more tees, and a great pair of shoes that I had to reorder after my luggage was stolen.  What are you dying to get your hands on? MOURNING: I would love to get my hands on that new slouchy Birkin but I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a bag.  I would however, gladly accept one as gift. What style rules do you live by? MOURNING: My style rule is that there are no rules… to each his own. What is your weakness? MOURNING: Bags, shoes and jewelry are my weakness. What is your foolproof outfit that always makes you feel your best? MOURNING: That would definitely be a flowing sundress, long or short. Why do you love clothes and fashion? MOURNING: I love beautiful fabrics and how clothes can transform a person and how they carry themselves. Clothes are a great way to express oneself to the world. How important is fashion and style in your field? MOURNING: Fashion and style depicts our very essence. Honey Child, my lifestyle brand, is a reflection of the comfortable luxury that I think we all crave.