Contemporary women’s designer Tracy Reese has been creating some of the most precious and beautiful clothes since launching her ready-to-wear line in 1998, so you can just picture what she’s got going on in her own closet. It should come as no surprise that the woman behind the ultra-feminine line, which boasts fans like Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama, has a personal wardrobe that mirrors the chic and playful aesthetic her name has come to represent. Reese gravitates to pretty and feminine pieces and celebrates her womanly charm by sticking to dresses. While Reese may design a meticulously cut pair of trousers, she’s hardly ever seen in pants or jeans. Modern sheaths, vintage frocks, blooming prints full-skirt dresses all share space in Reese’s ensemble. Stones, metallic, lace and accordion pleating are arresting details which Reese looks to when picking a statement-making dress. She also loves to throw on a belt over her dresses to add shape to her silhouette. Reese’s unflinching elegance is modern and fresh while still deeply rooted in classic femininity.   Here, are some of Tracy Reese’s unabashedly feminine pieces we crave.