Both on camera and off, “Access Hollywood” host Shaun Robinson exudes style. She works out regularly to maintain her fit frame — and knows just how to show off all her best parts with classic and sophisticated garb. The style maven is conscious of color and proportions, and is strategic in steering clear of trends that add nothing of value to her style. Her shoe fetish is the perfect complement to the hassle-free dress arsenal she’s created, and she’s sure to never leave the house with one toasty item. She granted us access into her style savvy closet for refined inspiration. Here’s a look. How would you describe your style? SHAUN ROBINSON: I’d like to describe my style as sophisticated with a little sexy. I don’t like things that are too trendy. I like things that look good on my body. I like colors that complement my skin tone and usually those are the jeweled tones: Purples, blues, reds. I spend a lot of time in the gym so hopefully it shows. What does style mean to you? ROBINSON: When I think of style and a stylish woman, I think about someone who doesn’t follow trends. Someone who wears things that are comfortable and perfect for her body type. I like somebody who kind of bucks the trends and says ‘you know, I don’t care if this is supposed to be in, if it doesn’t look good on me I’m not going to wear it.’ What are your go-to staple pieces? ROBINSON: A little black dress that will be perfect for any occasion. I have one by Dolce and Gabbana that I love, that I’ve been able to dress up with a belt or pair it with a really funky necklace; change the jewelry around, change the shoes around and get a completely different look. I always reach for that in a pinch. Otherwise I’m the type of person who loves dresses. I don’t have time and I just can’t think about what tops goes with what skirt. I just want for it to be right there. I’m kind of like a dress fanatic because I don’t have to think. What items are splurge worthy and why?  ROBINSON: I find that you don’t have to spend a lot on clothes. There are too many great designers out there that make clothes that are reasonably priced. So I don’t spend a ton of money. I don’t break the bank when it comes to spending money on clothes, but I do have a bit of a shoe fetish. Jimmy Choo can see me coming. I love Jimmy Choo shoes and I will splurge. They are very sexy shoes. What is your favorite item right now and why? ROBINSON: My girlfriend Adrienne Malou, she is actually going to be on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she gave me, for my birthday, a purple Tod’s handbag. The leather is just incredibly soft. It’s a purse that I never would have thought about buying myself because I never would have bought a purple purse, but it goes with so many things. That is my favorite right now. How would you suggest balancing high-end and low-end? ROBINSON: I’m more likely to spend money on something like a coat that you know you’ll have forever and classic shoes than just everyday clothes. A lot of what I wear has a short shelf life because if you’re photographed in something you’ll end up in a tabloid magazine that says ‘oh, she just wore that last week’ so that’s why I don’t spend a lot of money on things. What’s a must for you everyday? What don’t you leave the house without? ROBINSON: I have this beautiful cashmere wrap. It’s really a winter wrap, but I travel a lot and planes are always freezing. So even in summer when I travel I always have this wrap with me. How do you tie in your work wear with your casual going-out clothes?  ROBINSON: On the weekends when I’m just hanging out with friends I wear a lot of pencil jeans and black pencil pants. I’m loving my pencil jeans right now. They are just so chic. Sometimes when I have a shoot and I know you’ll just see me from the waist up I’ll have on my pencil jeans and some really cool top. Whose closet do you envy? ROBINSON: I think Rihanna has an amazing style. She’s so chic and so individual and she looks adorable in everything she wears. I couldn’t wear it, but I love to see her and I love to see what she’s going to be wearing. Also, Zoe Saldana, I think she looks really great. How big is your closet? ROBINSON: My closet is about 300 square feet. It’s actually like another room. That is one of things that sold me on this house. The closet is like a big huge dressing room. Describe some of your all-time favorite pieces and why you love them? ROBINSON: I have a floor length velvet evening coat by a designer named Richard Tyler. I got it for like 75 percent off and I will have this coat forever, it’s so incredibly. What will you never be caught dead in? ROBINSON: Fur. I just can’t. What are some of your latest purchases? ROBINSON: My latest purchase was a pair of lace up navy and black Jimmy Choo shoes. What are you dying to get your hands on? ROBINSON: There is a Dolce and Gabbana silk chiffon dress in the latest issue of ESSENCE. It is black with white polka dots. That is like the hottest dress I’ve seen.