Chenoa Maxwell is an actress and photographer, which means that she knows how to look good no matter what side of the camera she’s on. Her sexy, laid-back style is figure-flattering and fuss-free. Whether she’s shooting a hot fashion editorial or capturing a night out with friends, Chenoa never leaves the house without her camera — or without a wardrobe that’s always on-point. She knows how to mix vintage one-of-a-kinds with chic and tailored basics. Here’s a look at the photog’s style and her own thoughts on how she pulls her looks together. How would you describe your style? CHENOA MAXWELL: My style is eclectic, comfortable and classy with a twist of edge and a splash of sexy. What does style mean to you? MAXWELL: To me, style is personal expression at its best! It’s the freedom to rock your inner artist outwardly and the chance to look as beautiful as you feel. What are your go-to staple pieces? MAXWELL: My go-to staple pieces never fail me. All I need is five minutes, some lip gloss, a hat, a heel and a stylish blazer over some fitted jeans and I’m ready to go just about anywhere. What one clothing item best represents you? MAXWELL: Hmm… there is no one clothing item that best represents me. Just like my spirit is free, so is my style. What items are splurge-worthy and why? MAXWELL: A HOT purse and shoe is a must! You can literally wear pretty much anything if your shoe and purse game is up. And if you live in a city that has four seasons like I do, then you MUST invest in a fly coat too. What is your favorite item right now and why? MAXWELL: My new Chopard watch, because it was a beautiful, timeless gift from the man I love. How would you suggest balancing high-end and low-end? MAXWELL: I’m all about sales and the vintage. Mixing a great vintage dress or top with a beautiful high end shoe. What’s a must for you every day? What don’t you leave the house without? MAXWELL: I never leave the house without my camera, BlackBerry, Nars lip gloss, Amex, driver’s license, cashmere scarf and my wedding ring. How do you tie in your work wear with your casual going-out clothes? MAXWELL: It’s easy for me because I think of them as one in the same. To go from day to night, I just add a bolder piece of jewelry, a higher heel and some eyeliner. Whose closet do you envy? MAXWELL: Envy? Can’t say that I envy anyone’s closet, however, I’d be more than happy to help Victoria Beckham offload any overflow her closet may have. How big is your closet? MAXWELL: My closet is pretty big! I’d say it’s big enough to just about hold half of everything I really want. Lol! Describe some of your all-time favorite pieces and why you love them? MAXWELL: One of my favorite pieces is this beautiful vintage Halston dress that I found in a thrift shop for $24. I love it because it fits me like a glove and it reminds me that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. What will you never be caught dead in? MAXWELL: I’d never be caught dead in a sleeveless, low-plunging top or dress. I think style is also knowing what you do and don’t look good in, and I know that this particular style is not for me. What are some of your latest purchases? MAXWELL: Just bought these sick over-the-knee Jimmy Choo boots that I’m loving right now and this incredible two-finger ring by this new designer named Simone Berry. What are you dying to get your hands on? MAXWELL: I’m dying to get my hands on the Leica M7 Hermes Edition Camera but, that’s going to have to wait because I just put myself on a “no spending” fast until the end of the year. Time for me to stop wearing fashion and start wearing wealth… I’m thinking that may be my sexiest look of all! What is the foolproof outfit that always makes you feel your best? MAXWELL: A chic tailored blazer, great shoe, and diamond studs paired with anything. How do you deal with the avalanche of trends? MAXWELL: Not really one to follow trends. Most of the time I have no idea what’s the trendy thing to wear. I buy what I love and dress how I feel. Besides, my motto is: the best trend to follow is the one you make yourself.