In the music industry there are powerhouses behind the scenes who keep the wheels turning — Catherine Brewton is one of those forces. As Vice President of Writer and Publisher Relations in the Atlanta division of BMI, Catherine Brewton works closely with songwriters and is responsible for signing new talent to the company. These are the folks who ultimately crank out the hits that we love. Regularly rubbing elbows with the music industry’s elite requires an always on-point wardrobe and Catherine has nailed it. She’s combined some of her classic staples with her stash of edgy standouts to create looks that are fuss-free and fierce. Here’s a look at her melodic mix of clothing and her thoughts on what makes her style work. How would you describe your style? CATHERINE BREWTON: Classic and simple. It’s very easy and not fussy at all. Simply put, my style is classy with just a touch of edge. What does style mean to you? BREWTON: Most importantly, style is about feeling comfortable. You must embrace who you are and know that you do not have to adapt to what people think you should be doing. The important thing is not to chase anyone else’s fashion; individuality is everything. What are your go-to staple pieces? BREWTON: Louis Vuitton scarves and handbags; never leave home without them. What one clothing item best represents you? BREWTON: My shoes!!! It’s not a game with my shoe game. What items are splurge-worthy and why? BREWTON: Jewelry. You should acquire a few classic pieces that are timeless and will never lose value. I adore my Chopard watch and Cartier bracelet. What is your favorite item right now and why? BREWTON: Chanel has a new line called CoCo Cocoon that is extraordinary. I just recently purchased the Charcoal Gray Coco Cocoon nylon parachute handbag and trust me, it will definitely be one of my staple pieces. How would you suggest balancing high-end and low-end? BREWTON: The perfect combination would be a simple T-shirt with a great pair of shoes, a good pair of jeans and a handbag. What’s a must for you everyday? What don’t you leave the house without? BREWTON: My essentials are Chanel Lip Gloss and a great pair of eyewear. How do you tie in your work wear with your casual going-out clothes? BREWTON: Dressing for work is simple so it’s not difficult to transition into casual clothes. It’s important to layer your clothing so that you’re comfortable but able to adapt to your environment when needed. Whose closet do you envy? BREWTON: I don’t envy anyone‘s closet. However, I do “admire” Denise Rich’s closet. How big is your closet? BREWTON: Let’s just say I have a bedroom dedicated to my clothes in my primary residence. Describe some of your all-time favorite pieces and why you love them? BREWTON: Valentino has designed more items than I can name that I admire and would consider my favorites. Their line is mature and fitting for my style. They have a red line that is more young and chic and it is stunning. In addition to that, I have a Tri-Colored Gold watch that was passed along from my late mom that means the world to me. What will you never be caught dead in? BREWTON: I would have to say that the one thing I would never wear is Ed Hardy. What are some of your latest purchases? BREWTON: My gray Chanel bag; a pair of Louis Vuitton riding boots and a pair of Christian Louboutin boots that I wore to the 2010 BMI Urban Music Awards. What are you dying to get your hands on? BREWTON: A vintage Patrick Kelly cashmere dress. What is the foolproof outfit that always makes you feel your best? BREWTON: You can’t go wrong with a classic tee, a great pair of jeans, and a tailored leather jacket. How do you deal with the avalanche of trends? BREWTON: The best way to deal with trends is by not getting caught up in following them.  Fashion is about embracing your own style and wearing what makes you feel the most comfortable.