Tamir Rice’s Killers Face Disciplinary Action After Internal Review
Jose Luis Magana

Three Cleveland cops are facing administrative charges following an internal investigation into Tamir Rice’s death, ABC News reports.

The announcement is a tiny form of good news, especially after an Ohio grand jury declined in Dec. 2015 to indict the two officers who shot and killed the 12-year-old while carrying a toy gun in Nov. 2014. But it is definitely not enough.

The administrative charges were brought against officers Timothy Loehmann, Frank Garmback and William Cunningham, who were all on the scene when Rice was shot. Loehmann shot Rice as soon as he arrived on the scene. Garmback did not employ proper tactics when he operated the car and failed to tell the police dispatcher that he and Loehmann had arrived at the scene, the city says.

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So what disciplinary action could they be facing? Cleveland’s Department of Public Safety will hold hearings and the three men face punishments ranging from a 11-day suspension to termination, the mayor’s office said. Administrative charges against a fourth officer are expected, they added.

Loehmann was also investigated for providing false information on his employment application and not disclosing details of his discharge from another agency.

The City of Cleveland settled a $6 million wrongful death suit by the boy’s family in the case, although there has been no admission of wrongdoing.