Civil Rights Activist Evelyn Lowry Dies at 88
Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Civil rights pioneer, Evelyn Lowery, died on Thursday morning in her Atlanta home at age 88. Lowery, the wife of civil rights activist Rev. Joseph Lowery, was hospitalized earlier this month after suffering a stroke.

Lowry founded SCLC Women, Inc. the female version of Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a Civil Rights organization with roots tracing back to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. She also created The Drum Majors for Justice Awards, recognizing individuals for social service and contributions toward equality.

As an active mentor in her community, Lowry also created Bridging The Gap: Girls to Women mentoring program.

“My beloved Evelyn was a special woman, whose life was committed to service, especially around the issues of empowering women. She was a wonderful mother and wife and I thank God that she didn’t suffer any pain and that I was blessed having her as my partner, my confidant and my best friend for close to 70 years,” said Joseph Lowery in a family statement issued to the Associated Press.