Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city’s police department have tentatively agreed to pay the family of Phillip Coleman a hefty settlement following his December 2012 death. 

A video shows a handcuffed Coleman being dragged by officers from his jail holding cell, The Chicago Tribune reports. As the video advances, police are seen using a taser to strike Coleman repeatedly. 

Victims of Chicago Police Abuse Receive $5.5 Million in Reparations

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It is believed that the 38-year-old man suffered from some form of mental illness and died as a result of a fatal reaction to an antipsychotic drug, however, autopsy findings show that he endured serious trauma with more than 50 bruises and other injuries from the top of his head to his lower legs. 

A judge ruled two years after the incident that the officer used “brute force” in subduing Coleman and additionally agreed that the officer’s supervisor failed to stop any abuse that was issued with no just cause. 

Emanuel’s office has plans to meet with the Coleman family this week to discuss an agreement to pay $4.9 million.