Ciara: ‘I’m Not Too Far From Being in the Delivery Room’
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Two weeks ago, dancing diva Ciara announced her pregnancy on The View. It just so happens she’s much further along than we originally thought.

Ciara tells People she’s “not too far from actually being in the delivery room.”

The “Body Party” singer wouldn’t share the exact due date or the sex of the baby. She says she wants to keep those details private.

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“It’s a very free feeling, to be honest with you as a woman,” said Ciara about announcing the baby news. “Because now I can really start to go shopping for my bump. When something like this happens, especially this being my first time, I think it’s important to do things on my time.”

She also confessed to keeping the news a secret from everyone, including her parents. She wanted to tell them in person. “Of course you know with my schedule, I travel so much,” says Ciara. “So it was hard to really tell everyone how I wanted to… They [parents] were so cute! I actually have the cutest video of my mother and father reacting to me sharing my special news with them.”

For those concerned her baby bump will put a damper on her fabulous wedding plans, think again. Ciara says those details were in place a while ago. “They happened in perfect order,” said Ciara.