Legendary musician Chuck Brown, also known as the “Godfather of Go-Go,” passed away today at a Baltimore hospital. He was 75.  

Brown’s manager confirmed his death to the Washington Post, nearly a month after the newspaper reported he had been hospitalized with pneumonia.

A guitarist, songwriter and bandleader, Brown is credited with pioneering Go-Go, a unique percussive style of music rooted in funk and R&B that quickly became a staple in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.

Brown’s most popular song, “Bustin’ Loose,” was released in 1978 and spent four weeks on Billboard charts. Rapper Nelly later sampled it for his hit song, “Hot in Herre” in 2002. Though Go-Go never became popular outside of Beltway, Brown remained a local legend and would often perform to sold-out crowds. He recently canceled a performance at the reopening of the Howard Theatre due to his illness.

Rest in Peace. 

Below, watch a clip of Chuck Brown at his finest:

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