Chris Rock Nails It With Shondaland-Themed Oscar Promos
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It’s no secret that ABC is basically Shondaland at this point. The television network should just change its name, sell the company to Shonda Rhimes, and let her take the reins. We no longer have TGIF, we have TGIT, Thank God It’s Thursday, and that’s all because of Shonda Rhimes. Shonda has made Thursday one of the best nights of the week. 

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Chris Rock understands these truths. The Academy Awards is set to air on ABC, and the network is rolling out some hilarious promos featuring the show’s host, Chris Rock, making Shondaland jokes. 

Needless to say, he nails it. He has the wine and popcorn—although he doesn’t get it quite right—and possibly predicts the future in another video by pointing out that the Oscars is the only show Shonda doesn’t own…yet. But, we all know that will soon change.

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