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Watch Chris Rock Shamelessly Beg for An Oscar During Awards Ceremony

His blatant (yet hilarious) begging came during an acceptance speech at yesterday's Variety Creative Impact Awards.
Watch Chris Rock Shamelessly Beg for An Oscar During Awards Ceremony
Monica Schipper/WireImage

Chris Rock can do no wrong. For years, we have known and loved him. So what do we do when the Top Five actor begs for an Academy Award nomination? We beg right alongside him.

Rock was honored yesterday afternoon at the Variety Creative Impact Awards, and he accepted an award celebrating his influential contribution to comedy. During his acceptance speech, Rock recalled what happened nearly 10 years ago when he pitched a movie idea about a Black man running for president.

“It was just a joke about a Black guy running for president,” Rock said, referring to what eventually became the blockbuster Head of State. “Every studio was like, ‘Really? $40 million! We’ll give you whatever you want. That could never happen. You’re a genius!'”

He went on to confess the real reason why he—and every other actor—was present at the awards ceremony: Everyone is campaigning for an Oscar nod. And that, Rock said, is nothing to be ashamed about.

“Comedies never get nominated,” he said, as he was met with laughs. “So I’m going to blatantly appeal to the voters. February 22 is my mother’s birthday. 70th birthday. If I’m nominated, I will take her to the Oscars. If not, I will take her to Fatburger. We don’t need another Black woman at Fatburger. So please vote for me.”

You have our vote, Chris!