Chris Brown is in the news again, but this time he’s denying any wrongdoing.

Brown is on the defensive, thanks to a story published in Star Magazine saying he had gone on another homophobic rant while shooting some hoops in L.A.

His reps say not only are those reports false, but Chris wasn’t even at the gym when the alleged incident happened.

“Chris was filming a video with AceHood on June 29 and never left the set,” says a statement from his management. “He spent the entire day… in West Hollywood.”

The letter also states that Breezy’s management is considering legal action against Star. Team Breezy isn’t playing games! 

While it’s unfortunate that this rumor spread like wildfire on the net, it’s only a result of Chris’ troubled past. Let’s hope this is the last rumor we hear about Chris’ bad behavior.


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