Chris Brown Offers Encouragement To A Suicidal Fan Who Reached Out To Him For Advice
Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Chris Brown is using his celebrity to offer guidance to a fan in a bad situation.

Chris received a direct message from a fan who told him she contemplates suicide on a daily basis and wondering if he could offer any advice on how to stop thinking about taking her life. To her surprise, he responded with a lengthy reply, encouraging her to have faith in God and not to give up on her dreams.

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After the conversation, he shared their interaction on his Instagram page by posting screenshots of the fan’s message and his response. While he says he doesn’t normally engage people via social media messages, he told his followers that he decide to reach out to the fan in hopes of helping her before going on to elaborate about how he’ll always continue to make music because of the positive effect it can have on people going through tough times. “I never respond to DM requests but I figured I could help,” he wrote on the accompanying caption for the screenshot. “I see so many fans in meet and greets with cut marks, disabilities, etc…And they tell me how my music has saved their lives. This is the real f—-n reason I will never stop making music and being me.”  

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He later posted her response to his reply, where she thanked him for his kind words. Hopefully the fan also seeks help outside of social media to fully deal with whatever it is that she may be going through, but kudos to Chris for offering her encouragement that very well may have played a role in saving her life.

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