• Chris Brown’s video for his single “12 Strands (Matrix)” is action-packed. View the teaser below.
  • A Tea Party group in Iowa created a billboard that compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin. Even some Tea Party members are condemning the ad. [AOLBV]
  • A Michael Jackson fan club in Southern California is petitioning Forest Lawn Cemetery to let them clean up the graffiti on the King of Pop’s tomb. [TMZ]
  • During a show in Brazil, 50 Cent was attacked on stage by excited fans. [MTV UK]
  • MTV says it didn’t ban Ciara’s clip for “Ride” from its daytime video rotation. [EURWeb]
  • Six police officers in New Orleans have been charged with murdering unarmed people in the days following Hurricane Katrina. [NYTimes]
  • Lawrence Taylor plead not guilty to charges that he paid a teenage girl $300 for sex. [DFP]
  • Leave it to Wendy Williams to call out Chad Ochocinco on his “preference” for non-Black women on his reality show, “The Ultimate Catch.” “If I have a preference… it don’t matter,” Ochocinco said. [People]
  • Keke Palmer is a high school grad. Congratulations, Keke! [S2S]
  • Citizens of Detroit will have to front the bill for Kwame Kilpatrick’s legal fees as the former Detroit mayor got a court-appointed lawyer. [DFP]
  • Debra Wilson, who played Oprah Winfrey for years on MadTV, says she wouldn’t play Oprah in the media queen’s upcoming biopic, based on the biography by Kitty Kelley. [NYpost]
  • Haitians applying for temporary protection status in the U.S. have six more months to register. [CNN]

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