This Woman’s Excuse For Spitting On A Black Couple And Targeting Them With Racial Slurs Is Pitiful
Facebook/Cassie Crim

Last week, Jessica Sanders – the woman in the video above recorded spitting on and verbally abusing Chicago couple Ernest and Cassie Crim – was charged with two hate crime felonies and two counts of misdemeanor battery for her behavior in the July incident.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Sanders admits her use of the N-word slur was ill-mannered, but insists that the encounter at the Chicago Margarita Festival was not racially motivated. “It was wrong of me to use the word,” Sanders said. “To me it means ‘ignorant person.’ If they were Caucasian, I would have said the same thing. Latino, Black – has nothing to do with it.”

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“My best friend since I was 14 is Black, and I lost her over this. People are saying I’m a white supremacist. That’s not who I am,” she continued, adding that she would be contesting her charges for the hate crimes.

Ernest Crim, who dealt with her antics first-hand, begs to differ. “You used that word, probably thirty times before I even hit record,” he said. “Then, you spit on my wife. I think that’s hate.”

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