With somber events preceding this holiday season, heartwarming stories are needed more than ever.

This was the case when 13-year-old Malik Bryant of Englewood, Chicago got national attention and a response from President Obama all with one Christmas wish.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Malik participated in a local charity’s annual Letters to Santa program earlier this month and wrote a heart-wrenching note asking for a simple request.

“All I ask for is for safety. I just wanna be safe,” he wrote.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there has been over 65 Violent crimes and 121 Property Crimes in the 3.07 sq. mi Englewood neighborhood of Chicago alone since November 22nd. 

The Boys Letter received attention when Direct Effect CEO Michelle DiGiacomo reached out to her congressman, U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley.

Quigley instructed his staff to contact President Barack Obama and make sure he saw the letter.

President Obama not only saw the letter but he had an uplifting response for Malik. 

“I want to offer you a few words of encouragement,” the letter read. “Each day, I strive to ensure communities like yours are safe places to dream, discover, and grow. Please know your security is a priority for me in everything I do as President. If you dare to be bold and creative, work hard every day, and care for others, I’m confident you can achieve anything you imagine. I wish you and your family the very best for the coming year, and I will be rooting for you.”

Bryant, who hopes to play basketball in college one day says that he understands the letter isn’t going to solve all of his neighborhood’s problems but that he was just excited to get a response from the President. 

See Malik read his letter from President Obama below.