Change of Pace
Michael Rowe

The following article was featured in the June 2013 issue of ESSENCE.

On her new VH1 show, Kimberly Elise trades high drama for high kicks.

ESSENCE: You gave life to Toni Morrison’s words, headlined Tyler Perry’s debut and have worked with Denzel Washington three times. Now you’re portraying a former cheerleader on VH1’s new series, Hit the Floor. Interesting choice.

KIMBERLY ELISE: She was a dancer, not a cheerleader—there’s a difference! [Laughs]

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ESSENCE: Point taken. What will you bring to your character, Sloane? She seems secretive.

K.E.: Like me, she’s vegan and wears her hair natural. Also my dance background has never been explored in my work, so it’s exciting to do something different. Sloane starts off very dramatic, but then she’ll surprise people. Then there’s Dean Cain.

ESSENCE: Lord, have mercy!

K.E.: [Laughs] Lord. Have. Mercy! Okay.