Chance The Rapper Stays Independent Despite Offers Up To $10 Million
Getty Images/Scott Dudelson

It’s already been a major year for Chance The Rapper, who recently snagged three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album

The 23-year-old rapper made history as the first Black hip-hop artist to win Best New Artist since 1999 when Lauryn Hill took home the award. He also became the first artist to win a Grammy without selling physical copies of his music — or selling much of his music at all, according to Quartz. 

As sources told The New York Post, Chance has turned down offers to sign him that are worth up to $10 million. 

“Every label is still trying to get him. He’s making too much on his own…He was turning down $5 million advances before, and now it’s like $10 million,” the source told reporters. 

During the Chicago MC’s acceptance speech at the 59th Grammy Awards, he said, “I know that people think independence means you do it by yourself but independence means freedom. I do it with these folks right here.” His 26-year-old manager, Patrick Corcoran, stood alongside him on stage during the annual ceremony. 

His streaming-only album, The Coloring Book has been described by Pitchfork in a review as “one of the strongest rap albums released this year, and is destined to be on year-end lists aplenty.”