The Quick Read: Chance The Rapper To Deliver Commencement Speech At Dillard University
Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

Here’s all the news you may have missed over the weekend:

Chance the Rapper is set to deliver the commencement speech at Dillard University. Dillard President Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough said, “I thought he made for a great commencement speaker because of his spirit of being entrepreneurial and authentic. But his civic engagement, including encouraging people to vote and willingness to speak out on issues, like his recent opposition to a Heineken ad, are just as paramount.” (Page Six)

Puerto Rico is facing a decrease in school enrollment in part due to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The country is set to close 283 schools and will leave 828 open in the fall. Maria left thousands displaced with some victims seeking to start over in the U.S. (CNN)

New York State Police stopped protestors participating in the Black Women’s March from crossing the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge on Saturday. The event was created to bring attention to the issues Black women face in suburban and rural New York, but police declared the event an “unlawful assembly.” (USA Today)

Q-Tip has signed on to co-teach a course on the intersection of jazz and hip-hop at NYU. Q-Tip said in a statement, “I couldn’t be more excited to share with the students what I know and I look forward to them also teaching me. Teaching is an exchange of sharing and receiving for all involved.” (The Boom Box)

Plans have been announced to adapt Hidden Figures into a television show. National Geographic is reportedly in the early stages of developing the film into a series alongside the film’s original producers. (Variety)

Tiffany Haddish will reportedly pen the intro to The Richard Pryor Diaries, a project from Pryor’s widow Jennifer Lee Pryor. This is the same project that may include info about Pryor’s rumored tryst with actor Marlon Brando. (TMZ)

While Trump was assuring followers that the fire at Trump Tower on Saturday was under control, he failed to mention that someone lost their life during the incident. Todd Brassner died during the blaze, the medical examiner’s office will determine the exact cause of death. (CNN)

Uzo Aduba is set to star in Toni Stone, an off-Broadway play about the first woman to go pro in the Negro Leagues. Performances are set to begin in May 2019. (The Hollywood Reporter

The 2018 Women in the World Summit will kick-off April 12. The event, which lasts until April 14, will feature Viola Davis, Terry Crews, Joy-Ann Reid, Robin Roberts, Misty Copeland, and more discussing #MeToo, how beauty standard influence men and women, and navigating Hollywood. Those interested in attending can find more information at

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