Rihanna, Drake, Janelle Monae, and More, React to Alton Sterling Shooting


Drake, Rihanna, Janelle Monae, and more, have been posting images and tweets of sympathy, shock, and sadness over Alton Sterling's death.

Sydney Scott Jul, 07, 2016

Alton Sterling’s name began trending on social media moments after video of him being pinned to the ground and shot multiple times while restrained by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana surfaced online. As the news spread, thousands took to Twitter to voice their thoughts, fears, and concerns over yet another black man being gunned down by police. Celebrities like Drake, Rihanna, and Samira Wiley posted images and tweets of sympathy, shock, and sadness over the death.

Here’s Everything We Know About The Alton Sterling Police Killing


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Just imagine what the police report said before they knew This was recorded… What a coincidence they saying the body cams did not work, it's sad! I was found guilty of pointing a gun at the 2 strike force officers in the middle of a full blown raid…. They came at least 7 cops at one time and not a single shot fired! This was b4 cameras was available… I take these situations serious when I see so many of my people losing their lives and freedom to the people they say are suppose to protect us!i got 16 years of probation for being lied on and back and forth to jail under strict supervision has made my life a living hell dealing with the system! Just imagine the people that don't have a voice! Something has to happen soon …. It can't just be social media post and conversations when they continue to destroy us like this! #imreadytostandup

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RIP Alton Sterling 😢  #howmanymore

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Although I am a black young woman I AM #AltonSterling. Just like Alton I used to sell my CDs outside records, library steps, street corners, etc. My first cousin's name is Alton. What happened to Alton just reiterates that WE are not truly free. WE are not safe. WE need protection from hunters who hide behind badges. And until every human being, no matter what race you are, realizes this is also your problem and also your job to protect US from murderers like these officers we will never be free. We will always look at you like the enemy. What happened to Alton happens over and over again around this country. We are tired. Tired of IG ING, tweeting, FBooking "RIP" and posting videos of MURDER and shit not change. What these murderers in uniform did should warrant immediate arrest. It's clear what happened. This man could not even reach a gun if there was one. Video shows that. Someone screams "he has a gun!" and so u kill him? He resisted arrest so that means shoot to KILL HIM?! And you shoot him while he is on the ground 5TIMES?! Any excuse one gives to these cowards with badges will continue to play a part in our extinction. Blood on your hands as well. My heart is mad, heavy, and cries for his family and loved ones . I'm so fucking irate right now but clear minded and moved enough to continue to speak out and help this man and many others seek Justice. #HYTB

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Sterling leaves behind a family, five children and a partner. Actress and writer Issa Rae has set up a GoFundMe account to create a scholarship for Sterling’s children, which you can donate to here.

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