Celebrities and citizens alike took to social media last night to send prayers and show solidarity with Paris in the wake of yesterday’s tragic terrorist attacks.

According to CNN, Friday afternoon an unknown number of attackers targeted the Bataclan concert hall, the French national stadium and busy bars and restaurants, ultimately claiming the lives of at least 128 people. 

ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the deadly acts calling them the, “first of the storm.”  

In addition to the people killed, 180 other were injured. More than half of them are in critical condition. 

In light of the events, people across America have showed support for Paris via social media. Here are the celebrities that spoke out on the tragedy.

Sending so many prayers to everyone in Paris. My thoughts are with you. #PeaceForParis

President Obama official statement in regards to the attack was posted on his official Twitter account. 

Our prayers are with the families affected and the people of France.

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