Celebrities Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
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Black women might be the breadwinners in their households, are the most educated group in the United States, and are leading the pack in business ownership — the number of businesses owned by Black women increased 178 percent in 10 years — but our paychecks are considerably less than our male counterparts.

In fact, Black women make about 63 cents on every White man’s dollar. To put that in perspective, “it would take half a year’s additional work for Black women in America to close the wage gap,” former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett wrote in a piece shining light on the disparities that have long-plagued Black families.

She’s not alone.

On Black Women’s Equal Pay Day (July 31), a number of celebrities and influences used their platforms to uplift their sisters in the workplace. From Remy Ma to Serena Williams, here’s what your favorite celeb had to say about fighting to close the wage gap and encouraging Black women to demand what they are worth.