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Carol's Daughter Wants To Know What You're Made Of!

There's a new campaign sweeping the internet that's got women embracing who they are naturally!
Carol’s Daughter Wants To Know What You’re Made Of!
Carol’s Daughter

Lisa Price’s new #BornAndMade campaign for Carol’s Daughter is the latest hashtag sweeping through the digital beauty space. As founder, Price wanted to create a product that embraced who she was and who she had the potential to become. In a recent Instagram post via the curly company account, Price discusses her process in deciding a name for her company stating:

“When I needed to come up with a name for our company I decided to come up with a list of things that I was and a list of things that I wanted to become. I figured I would affirm something wonderful about myself or call into existence something yet to happen to me. So amongst the things that I was and am was Carl’s daughter, I was also Robert’s daughter, and at the time Hank’s secretary and Gordon’s girlfriend. I wanted to become Gordon’s wife so I didn’t want to affirm the girlfriend position so I picked “Carol’s daughter.” It was the one that felt the best, it was the one that made me smile, and that’s who I am.”

Pretty sound advice if you ask us! The #BornAndMade initiative takes Lisa’s process and encourages all women to embrace who they are right now and who they aspire to be. In Lisa’s case, she went from being “Hank’s secretary” to millionaire entrepreneur who is re-shaping the beauty industry daily through her line of hair products, Carol’s daughter.

Join the movement on Instagram and tell the world who you are and what you’re made of!