Carol’s Daughter Relaunches #BornAndMade Campaign and it’s Better Than Ever
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It’s back! The Carol’s Daughter #BornAndMade social media campaign has relanched and it’s better than ever.

Last year the hashtag and beautiful personalized GIFs that fabulously flooded our Instagram, Twiiter and Facebook feeds was nothing short of a phenomon. Over 100k memes were shared in just 48 hours. And this year Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, is hoping that this reboot of the campaign will be just as powerful. 

“When we launched ‘Born and Made’ last year it was exciting. We were celebrating the brand, I was celebrating me and we invited other women to celebrate who they were,” Price told “What we found out was that not only did they share amazing photos and cool words in their widgets, but they also shared amazing stories about their journeys. It was an emotional and spiritual experience for a lot of women and it resonated with me and with the brand. So much of what I have done with Carol’s Daughter in the last 23 years has a spiritual component to it. That deeper ‘thing.’ Born and Made is no different.”

For #BornAndMade 2.0 the beauty brand is asking women to upload a throwback photo and a more recent image while sharing a word to two about your younger self — and then a word or two that describes how your life journey has evolved, which will then be tranformed into a beautiful GIF

Carol’s Daugher has also tapped three amazing Hollywood starlets — Grammy-nominated singer Andra Day, “Orange is the new Black” actress Dacsha Polanco and model Nazanin Madi —  to impart the campaign’s message of becoming the narrator of your own journey. Here’s a look at Ms. Day’s video: 

“Theses ladies are works in progress. They are transparent about that work and they share their journey with us,” Price told “Andra stirs your soul with her voice and her words. Dascha is that friend you had in high school, she is the one you go to today when you need to know the truth and at the same time she is soaring to heights many of us dream about. And Nazinin is out there, on Social, inventing herself and her brand everyday in a raw and vulnerable way. Not an easy thing to do.”

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