Cam Newton is trying a ton of new things all in the name of helping kids achieve their dreams.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback talked to PEOPLE about his new Nickelodeon docu-series, All In With Cam Newton, and the importance of mentors.

“I would not be the person I am today without my mentors and all the people who took the time to teach me. The truth is we’ve all learned something from somebody.”

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Mentors are a big part of Cam’s new show. Kids are paired with one as they tackle their goals and get tips. Cam stays by their side the entire time, cheering them on, and even joining in. “It’s a boatload of fun and I got to do so many things I wouldn’t even imagine doing.” Cam even came a little closer to conquering his own fears.

The football star held a grueling schedule while filming the show during the off-season, but kept at it thanks to the inspiring kids he worked with. While the show is all about kids achieving their dreams, Cam admitted that he did learn a few things from the parents. The new dad added, “Seeing the way these parents pushed their kids to become whatever they wanted to be taught me something I will definitely apply to my own parenting.”