Must-See: Do You Ever Want to ‘Call in Black’ from Work?

There is specific traditional protocol that will always work at places of employment like, calling in sick or taking vacation time. However, there is just one more “call in” that could be added to the list: calling in Black.

YouTube vlogger, Evelyn from the Internets, created a video that demonstrates why “calling in Black” would be worthy as a legitimate reason for a breather.

“The other day when I was driving to work and I noticed water randomly pouring from my eyes, I realized something: I was grieving,” Evelyn said. “The specifics might differ: swap a grown man with a teenaged girl in a bathing suit, switch the Skittles for loud music or not using your turning signal or praying in a church… watching the same narrative play out over and over again takes a toll.  Sometimes, I need a minute…that’s where ‘calling in Black’ would be so clutch [convenient].”

She went on to demonstrate what “calling in Black” would look like. “I have a slight fever,” she said. “Boiling with the rage of the police killing my people!”

She went on to ask viewers: “For ya’ll watching, what has been the emotional toll of the constant online consumption of Black bodies getting systematically assaulted and/or murdered?”

H/T For Harriet