Butt Contouring Is Here
Getty Images

As social media continues its “no body part left behind” tour in the contouring trend, we bring you butt contouring. Well, actually, we don’t bring it to you—we’re just showing you the video filmed by the entrepreneurial souls who came up with it.

In the clip, which is of course going viral, a makeup artist over at Live Glam marks up an already pert rear end and then show us how to contour it using Benefit Hoola bronzer and Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. We’re pretty sure when these products were formulated they had no idea they would be used on someone’s derriere, but this is the world we live in, folks.

I really thought feet would be the next to get contoured, tbh. We’re approaching sandal season and so it seemed like the next body part to get the trend treatment. Who knew that someone would be so forward thinking as bikini season?

While I won’t be contouring my butt this summer, I’m still going to give props to the creative people who came up with their technique. It may not be the most realistic look to maintain while at the beach or pool (hello, water, sand, sunblock) but it definitely has people talking.

This article originally appeared in Mimi.

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