Just days after Christmas, 22-year-old Tonie Wells’ body was found on the basement floor steps of her Brooklyn apartment.

As reported by the NY Post, Wells was allegedly eight months pregnant and had a toddler when she dies. The paper also notes that police had previously showed up at her home for a domestic incident. Authorities are strongly considering her husband, Barry Wells, 29, as someone who may have more information as to what happened.

“It was him,” Tonie Well’s sister told The Daily News referring to the husband. “It wasn’t an accident. It was definitely him.”

Treating the death as a homicide, Deputy Chief Michael Kemper shared that the death seemed suspicious. Neighbors called after hearing an argument and something falling down stairs.

“Preliminarily, the deceased female has bruising on her neck and it appears as if she was either pushed or fell down the flight of stairs leading to the basement,” Kemper told the NY Post.

When asked about Wells and her husband, neighbor Michelle Ruiz said, “I would see them together. She was nice. He was always pleasant. This is a very quiet block, I didn’t hear anything today. I’m still in shock.” Adding, “I would never think in a million years something like this would happen.”

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