Louisiana Twins Who Struggled With Dyslexia Earn Over $2.5 Million In College Scholarships
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Brin and Nial Wilson, twin brothers who recently graduated from Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport, Louisiana, have raked in more than $2.5 million in college scholarships collectively.

The two brothers have been accepted into over a dozen schools, including the prestigious Morehouse College, St. John’s University, Louisiana Tech University and more, and have both been recruited by several others due to their prowess on the football field.

However, according to KSLA, the twins’ path to success hasn’t been an easy one, as they had some difficulty with their course work. Their math and science classes were fine, but because both teens are dyslexic they struggled with reading and social studies.

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However, their supportive parents, Delano and Sonya Wilson, helped them keep pushing forward and the twins were able to thrive in the end.

Brin ended up accumulating $1,393,012 in scholarships, while Nial brought in $1,335,788.

With all the choices at their feet, it’s no wonder that the twins are still undecided on where they will go to college. However, the inseparable brothers intend to remain inseparable. They both plan to major in civil engineering at the same school.