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Boyz II Men Used to Increase Russian Population

Russian President Putin asked the boy group to perform on February 6.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called in heavy forces to save his country’s declining population.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Putin asked the most successful male R&B group of all time to perform in Russia on Feb. 6 to help increase birthrates in the country.

By the year 2050, Russia’s population will decrease 25 million people from 142 million to 116 million if current numbers on alcohol and drug related deaths continue along with current childbirth rates, reports The Daily Mail. The country also reportedly faces pollution problems.

Despite accepting the invitation to encourage Russia’s upcoming baby boom, Boyz II Men won’t tailor their show just for them. “One of the reasons we have so many loyal fans is that we stay true to who we are,” said the group to the Moscow Times. “We don’t tailor each show to a specific audience. We bring 100 percent energy each and every night we’re out on tour — and we love seeing the fans react to that.”

The group is currently preparing for a year long engagement in Las Vegas, where they will perform 78 weekend shows beginning March 1.