Boyfriend of Korryn Gaines Arrested for Drugs and Gun Possession
Baltimore County Police

The 39-year-old boyfriend of Korryn Gaines, shot and killed by Baltimore County Police on August 1, is sitting in jail today.

Baltimore County Police arrested Kareem Courtney for drug possession and gun charges.

The Baltimore Sun reports the police obtained a search warrant for the home Courtney shared with Gaines and discovered 26.7 grams of heroin along with a 12-gauge shotgun police say Gaines used to threaten police during a seven-hour standoff.

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Courtney was charged with nine various counts –one of which is intent to distribute. He is being held without bail.

In a public statement, the police confirm that Courtney was the male in the home when they initially arrived to serve warrants to the couple. Courtney reportedly tried to escape from the apartment with an unidentified 1-year-old child, but was unsuccessful.

Gaines frequently posted pictures of her and Courtney together on her social media. Gaines was often seen wearing a wedding band. It is not clear whether the two were in fact married.