Just hours after Bobbi Kristina was transferred to hospice care, father Bobby Brown and aunt Pat Houston have reportedly rushed to be by her side at the Peachtree Christian Center in Duluth, Georgia. 

According to PEOPLE, the two co-guardians arrived separately, due to a family dispute between them. However, according to a source, “both Bobby and the Houstons have made the conscious decision that they love Krissy more than they dislike each other. They are truly working together right now and there is no discourse. They are on one accord.”

Brown and Houston entered the Georgia facility reportedly looking somber. Just yesterday, Houston released a statement explaining Kristina’s deteriorating condition. The family is shocked that there seems to be nothing that the doctors can do.

“The heartbreak and pain we feel in seeing her that way is beyond words,” a source said.

Yet, they continue to pray for  a miracle.

“She is still alive and her heart is beating so there’s hope. God can perform a miracle,” said a Brown family source.

Kristina is currently off all medications and is provided with continuous supervision, as the facility provides constant care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We send our prayers to the Brown and Houston families.

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