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As African Americans grapple with everything from police brutality and racism to a global health pandemic, a bold campaign is urging more love. Make that: Live, Own, Vote and Excel– or (L.O.V.E.) for short. 

The agenda for Black L.O.V.E. comes from BMe Community, a Black-led network of social innovators and champions who invest in communities, and the input of some 300 Black leaders nationwide. It encourages four types of actions:

Live. Prioritize the value of Black lives and heritage. 
Own. Increase financial literacy, asset-ownership, and creation of generational wealth.
Vote. Remove barriers to voting, boost Black turnout and support the census. Use voting power to end corrupt policing. 
Excel. Amplify narratives around Black excellence.

“Doing nothing, changes nothing,” said Trabian Shorters, founder and CEO of BMe Community, a national organization based out of Miami. “When you look up from the smoldering ashes of our grief and rage, you’ll see that supporting the movements for Black Lives, Black ownership, Black voting and Black excellence is how we build Black L.O.V.E. in America.” 

OneUnited Bank, reportedly the nation’s largest Black-owned bank, was among the first to sign on to the Black L.O.V.E. Agenda.

 “Black buying power in America today is over $1.2 trillion dollars,” said Teri Williams, President and COO of OneUnited Bank, headquartered in Boston. “We support L.O.V.E. because Black America must use their spending power to buy homes and own businesses to build generational wealth and leave a legacy for their children.”

Participation in the Agenda for Black L.O.V.E. is open to people and organizations of all races. Those who wish to declare their support for these principles and engage in collective action can sign up at https://nextnarrative.net/