Police Searching For White Man Who Robbed Maryland Bank Wearing Blackface
Perryville Police Department

Police in Perryville, Maryland, are still on the lookout for a white man who robbed a local bank while dressed in blackface.

According to ABC News, the robbery happened at a local PNC Bank at around 1 pm on Tuesday. No one was injured at the time.

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The teller from whom the man demanded money described the robber as Black, however upon reviewing security video, investigators glimpsed white skin between the robber’s gloved hand and jacket sleeve.

“You could see that he was not a Black male,” Perryville Police Chief Allen Miller said. “He had obviously covered his face in black something. I don’t know if it was makeup or what. We’re still investigating.”

“In almost 40 years in law enforcement, this was the first time I ever remember a person going into a bank with blackface on,” he added. “This is a first for me in my career.”

The suspect was described as being about 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighing about 180 pounds. Investigators believe he fled the scene in a gray car.

The FBI is also helping out in the manhunt, the report noted.


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