A young, recent trade-school graduate hustled for his first job, standing up at a busy intersection passing out his résumé has now landed a full-time job. Back in February, De’Andre Matthews, 21 graduated from Houston School of Carpentry, but was still struggling to find a job after applying to “at least 30 jobs all over Houston,” as he told Yahoo Lifestyle!  “Distance wasn’t a problem; I was willing to commute anywhere,” the hard-working young man told the site. However, after his grandmother died last week, Matthews decided to up his job-hunting game, after being inspired by a local news story about a homeless man who stood on the street with .a signing reading “Hungry for Success” and handing out his résumé. Matthews created his own sign and stood out at a busy intersection with 20 résumés. “I am an electrical trade school grad with no job experience. Please take a resume and help this electrician apprentice out. #StriveforGreatness,” the sign read, using a hashtag borrowed from a LeBron James.

“It took a lot of courage,” Matthews recalled. “I was scared, and my negative thoughts kept kicking in — I worried that I wrote too much on the sign and it would be hard to read, or that people would think I was asking for money.”

He stood out for two hours, and handed out five résumés, but after the heat got unbearable (this is even after getting water and a bottle of Sprite from a passing trucker), he decided to head home.

But luck and blessings were about to come his way.

Soon, his phone started ringing. Social media had gotten a hold of his story, and from there it spread like wildfire.

“Virginia, Baltimore, Boston, Louisiana, Alabama and there was one in Arizona,” Matthews said, listing all the interested employers who called him to Click2Houston. “They were impressed.”

In the end he signed on with a local electrical company. A Houston woman, who had taken one of Matthews’ résumés, knew that her father’s electrical service company had a job opening. Matthews scored an interview and was later hired on the spot, according to Yahoo!

“I accepted the job because my employer seemed to appreciate my knowledge and cared about teaching me,” Matthews said. “That really spoke to me.”

THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH. I have a job now! I can’t believe it, my dreams are finally coming true after all the failures! I’m truly blessed to be in this amazing city. Houston is where amazing happens!

Posted by De'Andre Matthews on Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Matthews went to Facebook to thank all of those who supported him in his quest for a job. And now he is well on his way to achieve his goal of becoming a master electrician.