Across the country poor minority women are being evicted from their homes, reported. Recent research shows that while poor Black women are more successful than low-income Black men at renting apartments, they often loose their living spaces because they can’t make ends meet with their income or government benefits. “Just as incarceration has become typical in the lives of poor black men, eviction has become typical in the lives of poor black women,” a sociologist at the University of Wisconsin told Evictions set off a number of other setbacks like the loss of schooling for children, broken social connections, lowered credit ratings and more. Factors other than money do play a part in these evictions. According to, landlords are more likely to find reasons to evict women who complain about repairs and are sometimes inclined to evict women who file domestic violence reports, “out of fear that they will be fined for tolerating disturbances.” Still the main reason for these women, mostly single mothers, being evicted is their inability to pay rent and take care of their families, especially after losing a job or dealing with an emergency. Read More: