Like Most Tragedies, Black People Are Making The Best Out Of Hurricane Harvey
Joe Raedle

Tropical storm Harvey is on its way to being one of the costliest storms in history, dumping record-breaking rainfall on Houston and submerging the fourth largest U.S. city under surging waters.

But through the devastation and disaster — even as families remain stranded, homeless and hungry — Black people have found a way to survive and make each other laugh.

While our prayers remain with Houston during this trying time, take a look at some of the most heartwarming, hilarious and inspiring moments from Black people surviving Harvey.

This man, who appears to be chillin’ way too hard in the middle of a tropical storm:


This guy, identified as Deandre Wilson (@drehoops10_) , who is getting his Stomp The Yard on in the rain:

This dad and his 6-year-old son, who lost everything in the storm and still found it in them to praise the lord:


Sheriff Deputy Rick Johnson, who was photographed carrying two children to safety after their home flooded:

This woman who was not about to let some rain stop her slay:

And this guy, who gave the blackest answer ever to a news reporter:

Through it all, Black people remain undefeated. 

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