Vanity Allen, 25, checked into SSM Health DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton, Mo. in July because she was suffering with stomach pains. She ended up with a bloody face after a hospital security guard tackled her to the ground, RiverFront Times reports. Allen’s lawyer, Albert Watkins, obtained video showing his client’s violent encounter with the security guard. The initial contact did not occur within view of the camera; however, Allen claims that the guard hit her over the left eye with his fist, sending her to the sidewalk. Later in the clip, “you can see him dragging her into the hospital, spinning her around and then dropping her to the ground before cuffing her,” RiverFront times reports. “This was 220 pounds of white daytime TV muscle on top of her,” Watkins said. “You have a security guard with an IQ well below room temperature taking it upon himself to see that ‘justice’ is done to a 90-pound patient in distress.” SEE VIDEO BELOW: SSM Health DePaul Hospital released the following statement regarding the incident:
SSM Health DePaul Hospital is committed to providing the best care possible to every patient who comes to us and to ensuring the safety of all patients, employees and visitors. Due to federal patient privacy laws, we are unable to provide details of any patient’s care. The Bridgeton Police Department investigated the matter, and we cooperated fully with their efforts.
The hospital filed a report against Allen with Bridgeton Police, and she faces a municipal ordinance violation for assault in the fourth degree. “This was a young lady with zero criminal history, admitted for bonafide medical reasons, who had a port installed,” Watkins said. “She had the bad fortune to run into Superman in a unitard, coming out of nowhere, who decided it was time to teach this young lady a lesson.” Read more at Riverfront Times.


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