NAACP Chapter President And Black Feminist Gives Real Life Twitter Troll A Dose Of Reality
Getty Images

Self-proclaimed social media influencer MILO recently spoke at Western Carolina University in North Carolina, where he touched on a number of topics, including the greatness of America and why more Black people should start voting Republican if they really want to better their situation.

Yes, that last part actually happened.

As it turns out, MILO, whose claim to fame was being banned from Twitter this summer for attacking actress Leslie Jones with incessantly hateful messages, wasn’t the only person with something to say that night.

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Following his opening remarks, MILO took questions from the audience and one NAACP chapter president didn’t hold back when she called him out for repeatedly failing to include the contributions of women and people of color. In response, MILO unsuccessfully attempted to redefine modern-day feminism from a man’s perspective, while refusing to admit the role the Black Lives Matter movement had played in bringing awareness to the fatally flawed policing system in America.

Check out their exchange below.



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